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Dr. Robin L. Baker
Wausau , Wisconsin
United States of America

Oh, my hurting knees! The hurt took me to the “walk-in,” which was followed by an appointment with an orthopedic doctor who sent be back to my regular doctor, who then recommended a podiatrist for custom orthotics. The cost of the orthotics was excessive and not covered by insurance. The status of my knees had not changed. I started a new approach. A friend had gotten orthotics from a chiropractor. I called a number of chiropractors and finally found a friendly voice in Dr. Mike. He said he could get me an affordable orthotic. After consulting with him, I decided to have adjustments as well as orthotics. Dr. Mike said he would try to “walk on water” to solve my problems. After a week I felt I was walking on air. The knees have continued to improve, it seems like I have new feet and knees. I guess Dr. Mike does “walk on water.” At any rate, I seem to be walking in the clouds. Wonderful! Thank you, Dr. Mike

By A. Johnson
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