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Dr. Robin L. Baker
Wausau , Wisconsin
United States of America

In 1995, I started experiencing headaches. I went to my family physician and went through all the routine tests and eventually a CAT scan, all which came back clear. After trying three different medications, none of which helped, my doctor sent me to a neurologist. There, I went through all the regular neurological testing with no results as to the cause of my headaches. The doctor suggested I keep track of all my headaches, from the minor ones to the really painful ones. He in turn would prescribe for me, different medications for each type of headache. Well, by this time you can imagine that I was pretty tired of taking pills and thought while this may take care of the pain, why am I getting these migraines? The day of my appointment with Dr. Borski, I just happened to be having one of my headaches and he could see by the look on my face that I was in pain. I lay on the examination table and Dr. Borski took his funny looking instrument, carefully placed it behind my ear, and pressed a pedal with his foot. All I felt was a thump, and a warm sensation, and a couple of seconds later my migraine was gone. I had finally found not only the cause of my headaches, but also relief in one simple trip to Dr. Borski’s office. When I went to see Dr. Borski, it was the first time I felt a doctor was truly concerned about why I was getting my headaches. He gave me an explanation that finally made sense to me, and used a treatment that didn’t involve medication to cover up my pain. Thanks to Dr. Borski and his caring staff; I am free from migraines for the first time in 6 years!

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