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Dr. Robin L. Baker
Wausau , Wisconsin
United States of America
Migraine Pain

My name is Larry & I’m 9 years old. I started getting headaches when I was 5. I used to get very sick from my headaches. It was hard to play or read without getting a bad headache. It made it hard to sleep. I was worried when my headaches would come. Then my neighbor told my mom about Dr. Borski. That week we went to see Dr. Baker. They did x-rays, and they could see that my atlas was out of whack. I saw Dr. Borski a few times a week. They gave me adjustments. After the adjustments, I felt great! Now I don’t have as many headaches and they’re not so bad. I want to thank Dr. Borski and Dr. Baker. They’re nice.

By Larry
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Baker Borski Chiropractic provides chiropractic care for individuals and entire families — from mothers-to-be, newborns, and children to adults of all ages. We specialize in Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic (an upper cervical chiropractic technique), Craniosacral Therapy, spine/extremity adjusting as well as natural remedies for discomfort and other health concerns such as migraine headaches, neck pain, back pain, colic, ear infections and carpal tunnel to name a few. Dr. Baker and Dr. Borski are also certified by the State of Wisconsin to provide nutritional counseling and advice. The staff at Baker Borski Chiropractic is dedicated to providing you and your loved ones with quality, whole body healthcare and wellness.
The doctor of the future will give little medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease. – Thomas A. Edison

Thursday 15 August 2013